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The Claddagh Ring Story - What finger do I wear a Claddagh Ring On?

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The Claddagh ring is a classic Irish ring, often bought as a commitment ring or engagement ring, or they can be passed on from generation to generation. The Claddagh ring is much loved, particularly by the Irish diaspora in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK. The ring comes from the fishing village of Claddagh, just outside the old walls of Galway on the west coast of Ireland.

So why is Jewellery of Scotland selling and advertising a classic Irish ring?!

Interestingly one of the jewellery makers at Ortak, Seán Todd, is a member of the Irish diaspora - he added the Claddagh Ring to the Ortak Collection as his personal “mark” to the collection.

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What does the Claddagh ring mean?

The Claddagh ring consists of three symbolic elements:

  • Two hands
  • A heart, which is clasped by the two hands
  • A crown above the heart

The heart symbolises love, the hands symbolise friendship and the crown symbolises loyalty.

How do I wear my Claddagh ring? What finger do I wear a Claddagh ring on?

According to Colin Murphy in “The Book of Everything Irish”, the way that the Claddagh ring is worn hints towards the wearer’s relationship status:

  • Left hand, point of the heart pointing toward the wrist - the wearer is married.
  • Left hand, heart pointing toward the fingertips - the wearer is engaged.
  • Right hand, heart pointing toward the fingertips - the wearer is single, and is open to be approached.
  • Right hand, heart pointing toward the wrist - the wearer is in a relationship.

What makes the Jewellery of Scotland Ortak Claddagh ring special?

Our Claddagh ring comes from Ortak Jewellery, the Orkney Jewellery artisans.

  • It can be made in a variety of metals - either pure 925 Sterling Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold or 9ct White Gold, adding a new elegance to this timeless classic Irish ring.
  • Handcrafted in the Scottish Orkney Islands
  • Hallmarked in Scotland
  • Every Ortak piece comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Delivered in branded Ortak delivery packaging

These are the benefits you can expect when you buy Claddagh rings from Jewellery of Scotland. If you have been looking to buy a “Sterling Silver” Claddagh ring for less than £50 on another website, you can be sure of only one thing – it will probably not be pure 925 Sterling Silver, it will be plated. When you get that ring home, after a few weeks, the silver will start wearing off and you will be left feeling cheated. Not only that, but some people might find they have an allergic reaction to the cheap alloys. Jewellery of Scotland and Ortak have teamed up because Ortak are renowned for their quality, and provide Scotland hallmarks and lifetime guarantee.

Who is the Claddagh ring for?

The Claddagh ring is perfect for people with Irish heritage, but it is also perfect for people who feel a special affinity with Ireland, or love Ireland – it is a way to show this, and you can be sure to get the positive attention of any Irish people you meet!

Have a look at our Claddagh ring by clicking here. The only decision left for you is – silver, yellow gold, or white gold?! We can ship this exquisite ring anywhere in the world for only £10 International Delivery. UK delivery is free on all orders over £70.


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  • I came across this blog and I just want to say that as an Irish man myself, I am delighted with the great overview and history of the claddagh ring as I did not know this myself. I will definitely be buying the beautiful gold version for the missus to remind us of the old sod!

    John O' Reilly on

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