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Birthstones for Each Month - Our Complete Guide to Birthstone Jewellery

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Birthstones are gemstones that symbolise the month of birth – there are historical texts which are centuries old, describing how these gemstones were thought to bestow special powers and characteristics on the wearer, such as happiness, good fortune and wealth.

Whether or not you believe in the powers of gemstones, we do think that birthstone jewellery is a fantastic way of buying a gift for someone, especially when you want to show that you put some thought and a personal touch into choosing the gift.


What is my birthstone? Birthstones for each month

Our list of birthstones for each month is based on the agreed standard as set by the National Association of Goldsmiths of Britain and the American Gem Trade Association.

You can click the links in the table to be taken to our collection of matching birthstone jewellery pieces by Ortak Jewellery, which include birthstone pendants, birthstone rings and bracelets.

Click on the golden name of the Gemstone in the table, to be taken further down the page to the information section regarding that gemstone:


Star Sign




January Birthstone
Dark Red


February Birthstone


March Birthstone
Pale Blue


April Birthstone


Rock Crystal
May Birthstone


June Birthstone


July Birthstone


August Birthstone
Pale Green


September Birthstone
Deep Blue


Lapis Lazuli
October Birthstone


November Birthstone


December Birthstone
Sky Blue




How to buy birthstone jewellery

  • Buy a new mum a piece of jewellery with special significane with her baby’s birthstone – or go all out and buy her a full set of jewellery featuring the birthstone.
  • Buy a friend or loved one a birthday present featuring their special birthstone, to show that you have put some serious thought into the gift choice!
  • You can also buy these pieces for Christmas, Valentine's Day, christenings or even milestone wedding anniversaries.
  • Remember that just because certain birthstones are tied to certain months, that doesn’t mean you have to always stick to that, particularly if you know that your loved one has a particular gemstone that they love – in that case you can always just buy that gemstone.

You can choose from a colourful collection of birthstone rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.


Individual Birthstones and Gemstones

Garnet – The Birthstone for January

Stone meaning: symbolises trust and eternal friendship.

Further information: The name comes from the word granatum, meaning seed - in this case, because the gem resembles the pomegranate seed.

The versatile garnet comes in a variety of colours, due to the difference composition of trace elements.  For example, the vibrant greens of the Russian demantoid and African tsavorite are due to the trace amounts of vanadium or chromium. From the deep red Bohemian Garnet, to the oranges and browns of spessartite and hessonite from Namibia and Sri Lanka, to the subtle pinks and purples of the rhododendron flower – any colour you chose is available.

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Amethyst – The Birthstone for February

Stone meaning: Luck, Wittiness, Health

Further information: "Amethyst" comes from the Greek word "amethystos" which translates as "not drunken". It was believed that amethyst protected against the effects of drunkenness and helped keep a balanced mindset. Sometimes wine and spirit vessels were carved from amethyst

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz – it’s colour is due to irradiation and iron impurities.

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Aquamarine – The Birthstone for March

Stone meaning: Happiness, Understanding

Further information:  “Aquamarine” comes from the Latin aqua marina meaning "water of the sea" for its blue or cyan colour. The pale blue colour of aquamarine is attributed to iron deposits.

Legend says that the King of the Sea, Neptune, gave aquamarine as gifts to mermaids – since then it has brought love to all who have owned it. Aquamarine is thought to have a calming influence on married couples, making it a good anniversary gift. Aquamarine is found in a range of blues, from a light pastel to a greenish-blue to a deep colour – darker shades are rare and therefore make the value increase.

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Diamond – The Birthstone for April

Stone meaning: Eternity, Courage, Health

Further information: The word jewellery instantly conjures images of large diamonds! Diamonds are the hardest mineral on earth and are mined in countries such as Australia, USA, Zaire, Brazil and Ghana. For centuries, diamonds have been adored by women and men, and are possibly thought of as the ultimate gift – and in terms of engagement rings, a symbol of eternal love.

There is a globally accepted standard for describing diamonds based on the 4 Cs: Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. This is the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, throughout the world.


Carat is the weight of the diamond and should not be mistaken for the size of the stone or gold carats.


Clarity describes how free the diamond is from inclusions which are the naturally occurring flaws found in a diamond. This also accounts for the type, positions and number of inclusions.


Colour is graded using the GIA colour guide (Gemmological Institute of America) on how close a diamond is to being colourless – colourless diamonds are generally more valuable, though special coloured diamonds or “fancies”, can be very valuable.


Shape and quality are considered when discussing the cut of a diamond. Round brilliant cut is the most popular cut.

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Emerald – The Birthstone for May

Stone meaning: Fidelity, Goodness, Love

Further information: Emerald is a gemstone and a variety of the mineral beryl, made of Beryllium Aluminum and Silicate, which is coloured green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Who would have known that aluminium is a key part in this beautiful gemstone!?

Emerald is named from Vulgar Latin: “Esmaralda/Esmaraldus” which originated in Greek: “smaragdos” meaning "green gem". The emerald was Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone and she claimed the Egyptians emerald mines for herself.

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Pearl – The Birthstone for June

Stone meaning: Peace, Nobility, Beauty

Further information: According to ancient Chinese legend, the moon creates pearls by instilling them with its celestial glow and mystery! Every pearl is a unique work of art taking months to years to form – they are created within molluscs such as oysters as a natural defence against irritants like a piece of sand entering their shell. This makes them unique as they are the only gemstone formed within a living creature.

Natural pearls are rare and difficult to recover from the sea, so many pearls are cultured from farmed molluscs carefully seeded with irritants similar to those produced by nature, either in fresh or salt water. These cultured pearls are grown and harvested in many parts of the world including the fresh waters of the Tennessee River. Most cultured pearls come from China, Japan and the South Pacific.

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Ruby – The Birthstone for July

Stone meaning: Love, Enthusiasm, Strength

Further information: A ruby gemstone is a variety of the mineral corundum, formed by aluminium oxide with the presence of the element chromium contributing to the red colour. Its name comes from ruber, Latin for red.

With a Mohs rating of 9, rubies are harder than any natural gemstone except a diamond. The most valuable rubies are those with the deepest red – for example “blood-red” rubies command a large premium over other rubies. It is this red colour that has lead people to associate the ruby with love, passion and strength.

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Peridot – The Birthstone for August

Stone meaning: Success, Peace, Love

Further information: Peridot is formed of magnesium iron silicate – it only occurs in the colour of olive-green. The intensity of the green depends on the amount iron, so the colour of different peridot gems can vary from yellow to brownish-green, with the most valuable colour being dark olive-green.

Most peridot is mined in Arizona, although in the past it was found in Hawaii. However, peridot has also been found on meteorites, then turned into jewellery – cosmic jewellery!

Peridot is softer than many other gemstones, so it should be stored carefully to avoid damage.

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Sapphire – The Birthstone for September

Stone meaning: Serenity, Truth

Further information: The name Sapphire comes from the Greek word sappheiros, meaning 'blue stone'. Trace amounts of a variety of different metals can give this beautiful stone any number of colours, but the most admired colour is the deep blue sapphire. Did you know that red sapphires are actually rubies!?

The ancient Persians (modern day Iran) wrote that the earth was built on a huge sapphire and its reflection coloured the sky blue – what a beautiful image! Sapphires are mined in many parts of the world, with the most valuable coming from Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir and Sri Lanka.

Of modern day significance, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring was 12ct blue sapphire, and is in fact the same ring as that worn by Princess Diana in the 1980s - google it if you don’t believe me!

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Opal – The Birthstone for October

Stone meaning: Purity, Hope, Health

Further information: Precious opal bends light, therefore it can take on many colours depending on the conditions in which it formed millions of years ago. Precious opal ranges from clear through white, black and all the colours of the rainbow.

The word 'opal' is adapted from the Roman term opalus. In the Middle Ages, opal was considered to provide great luck - because of its different colours, it was thought to possess all the virtues of each gemstone.

For celebrity wearers, check this out - Queen Elizabeth II has a massive opal, weighing 203 carats (40.6 g).

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Topaz – The Birthstone for November

Stone meaning: Focus, Fidelity, Confidence & Happiness

Further information: Topaz is a gemstone formed by aluminium and fluorine – whilst pure topaz is colourless and transparent, most of the time it is tinted by impurities. The Egyptians wrote that topaz is coloured by the golden glow of the sun god. The name "topaz" is usually derived from the Greek Τοpáziοs. The word topaz could also come from the Sanskrit word तपस् "tapas", meaning "heat" or "fire".

Blue topaz is now the most popular colour of topaz – and it is blue topaz that is featured in our range of birthstone and gemstone jewellery.

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Turquoise – The Birthstone for December

Stone meaning: Peace, Fortune, Kindness & Patience

Further information: Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that derives its colour from copper – recognise that colour from copper church spires and statues? It has been known by many names, but the word turquoise dates to the 17th century and is derived from the French “turques” because it was first brought from Turkey, from mines in historical Persia. It is also found in the United States, where it featured heavily in native American Indian jewellery.

Turquoise can contain narrow networks of other minerals, either isolated or as a network – these can be seen on the surface of the turquoise as black, brown, or yellowish-brown areas. Because turquoise is porous, it can absorb chemicals that can change its colour and quality, so you should be careful with perfumes, oils, cosmetics etc.

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