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6 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Man who Loves Jewellery

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Christmas is fast approaching, and for many us that means that in addition to snow and our favourite holiday specials on the TV, there comes the annual gift buying anxiety.

Men in particular can be especially difficult to shop for. To help you out, we’ve put together this gift buying guide for the man in your life that enjoys jewellery.

Below you’ll find our recommendations on everything from watches to cufflinks that the jewellery-loving men in your life are sure to love.

We’ve kept it to just six here, but be sure to look around our site for more ideas for the men, and women you’d like to surprise with a piece of fine jewellery this holiday season.


View Cufflinks on Jewellery of Scotland StoreCufflinks are a timeless part of any gentleman’s wardrobe, and they can offer a welcome bit of personality to any shirt with French Cuffs. In a sea of grey and black sports coats, a little individuality is always welcome.

Avoid the obnoxious holiday ties and instead opt for something that deftly incorporates the modern, with the classic.

We have
a selection of Irish and Scottish cufflinks that brings the history of these two lands into the modern era, and does so with style.

If more modern inspired jewellery is your thing, you can get everything from sports-inspired designs to something personalised with the initials of person you're shopping for. You can even get them a set with the emblem of their favourite superhero emblazoned on the front.

Whatever you choose, the important thing is to get a pair that's uniquely suited to the individual.

No more boring gifts, or cold, impersonal choices like gift certificates.

Get the man in your life something that is uniquely suited to his taste, and will make him think of you each time he wears it. A hand-selected set of cufflinks fills this role nicely


Jewellery of Scotland Watch Quote

Watches have a reputation as being graduation and retirement gifts, but they also make great holiday gifts. 

The best part about a good watch is that it isn’t just a simple statement piece, it’s also highly functional. 

Sure, we’re all carrying supercomputers in our pockets that, in addition to letting us call the other side of the planet, also happen to tell time, but it’s our considered opinion that we all could use less time in front of our cell phones. 

Plus, taking your phone out to check it during a meeting, or when you’re talking to someone isn’t necessarily practical (or polite).

A quick glance at a watch will tell you whether or not you’re running late for your next appointment, and does so without all the distractions and social indelicacies of pulling your phone out all the time.

There are all sorts of brands and manufacturers out there to choose from, but a good rule of thumb is to buy from an established watchmaker, and above all, avoid anything with a digital face.

A digital watch is a running or hiking accessory. A mechanical watch is art you wear on your wrist.

A watch is more than a statement piece, and more than simple jewellery. It is a beautiful and functional addition to any outfit, and it makes the perfect gift.

Tie and Kilt Pins

Kilts are ever popular with Scottish men and ties are a staple of the gentleman’s wardrobe from New York to Shanghai, and all points in between.

Like cufflinks, these pins are a great way to add a bit of individual flair to an otherwise subtle or understated outfit. 

A good tie pin can help not only to add to an outfit, but also serves as a functional piece, especially for those working in places where a loose tie could be a problem.

We offer a number of stylish kilt pin choices for the Scottish traditionalist in your life, and a quick search will net you hundred of thousands of excellent tie pin choices.

Check out this awesome Isle of Skye tartan Kilt from Nicolson Kiltmakers in Edinburgh:

Nicolson Kiltmakers Isle Of Skye


Runic ring Jewellery of ScotlandRings may have faded in popularity as men’s fashion choices these past years, and we’ve thankfully moved on from silver skulls and ostentatiously over-decorated monstrosities.

That being said, a good ring, if chosen well, can really add to an outfit, and adds symmetry if the man you’re buying for also wears a wedding band.

Go with something understated, as wearing an extra ring is usually statement enough these days and no flashiness is really needed. Of course, if you’re buying for someone who like something a little more ostentatious, you can get something like this runic ring or whatever fits their style.

Either way, you’ll find no shortage of choices for great rings.


SIlver Bangle from Jewellery of ScotlandMen’s bracelets have also begun to go the way of men’s rings and are quickly disappearing from men’s fashion.

However an understated, but high quality bracelet can really add to an outfit. 

Like the rings, it’s good to avoid the over-done pieces, and instead go for something subtle and simple.

A good sterling silver piece goes nicely with casual wear, and is weighty enough to feel like a quality piece without dragging down your arm.

Jewellery Box/Valet/Catch-all

Of course, all of this jewellery is more a hindrance than a help without a place to store it. For that reason, a good jewellery box, valet, catch-all, whatever you may call it is a key part of any man or woman’s jewellery collection.

If you don’t want to go all in on an expensive jewellery piece like a watch or a ring, a good wood or leather valet, or an attractive jewellery box can make a great addition to any collection.

A catch-all tray is also a great way to keep all your day’s jewellery in one place. Watches, rings, cufflinks, even your wallet and mobile phone, all kept together so you don’t have to hunt for any of it in the morning.

For a Scottish example check out the wooden crafts on the Etsy shop of husband and wife team Bob and Sheena Thomson working from their home workshop in Edinburgh. There are some beautiful examples here.


It may only be the start of November, but Christmas will creep up on you! Whatever present you choose, the jewellery-loving man in your life is sure to love it!


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