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What would you buy if someone gave you £250?

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Treat Yourself Jewellery of Scotland

We can get so caught up worrying about bills, savings, mortgage payments and helping out the kids (kids who are now aged over 20 that is) that it’s hard to remember to treat yourself from time to time.

Imagine someone gave you £250, with only one condition - you have to spend it on something for yourself! What would you buy?

Sure, you could buy a designer handbag...

Aspinal of London Handbag John Lewis 

Aspinal of London Tote Bag £225 found at John Lewis by clicking here.

Open the page of any magazine or newspaper, and you will see celebrities and models carting around bags of all shapes and sizes.

We do love a good bag – but is it really worth spending so much on a designer fashion accessory?

It’s hard to find a bag which will go with every outfit, and it would be a shame to spend such a lump of money on something which is only going to get an occasional outing … and why compromise on style in order to invest in something more practical?

Handbags are great fun, but styles change fast.

Maybe you can’t resist a great pair of shoes…

Lucia Gold Suede High Heel Sandals 

LK Bennett Lucia Gold Suede High Heel Sandals £250 found at LK Bennett shop by clicking here.

New shoes are great – they can make you feel like a million dollars, help you walk tall (literally and figuratively!) and bring a touch of glamour to an evening outfit. 

It’s no wonder so many of us have huge shoe collections, with such variety to choose from for all tastes and budgets. 

But the trouble with expensive fashion-led shoes is – they tend to hurt.

Serious, bunion boiling, toe cramping, bone crunching pain. And that’s fine for a few hours on the dance floor, but you might not want to spend your precious £250 on a pair of torture instruments.

A ‘proper’ winter coat…

Every Autumn, many people can be heard to say that this will be the year that they finally invest in a ‘proper’ winter coat.

Something which is

  • warm,
  • good quality,
  • hard wearing,
  • keeps out the wind and rain,
  • can be thrown in the washing machine
  • dries quickly, and
  • looks equally at home in the boardroom, gym cloakroom, and on the school run.

Sound impossible? Well, that’s probably because it is. In reality, most of us own a few coats for different occasions, because it just makes sense.

So, whilst it’s a good idea to buy the best quality coat you can afford, looking for the ultimate one-off investment piece coat is going to be a painful, endless quest.

Click here to view the awesome Vogue Collection of Dream Coats for this season.


If you had £250 to spend, on a luxury item for yourself, what better way to spend it than on a beautiful piece of jewellery? 

Often, the contents of our jewellery boxes hold memories of all the pieces we have been given by others – mum’s elegant but outmoded brooch, an eternity ring from your husband which you’re terrified of wearing, a sister’s unwanted ‘gift’ which just doesn’t go with anything – how many pieces of jewellery do you own, which you chose for yourself?

Even if you are someone who enjoys treating themselves to jewellery from time to time, spending larger amounts of money can feel like an indulgence.

But compare how much wiser it is to invest in jewellery than other accessories and fashion items which are hard to wear, take up loads of storage space, or quickly go out of style.

Jewellery is a sensible way to treat yourself because, by choosing quality items made from real stones and precious metals, you can be sure that your new favourite accessory is always going to hold its value.


Click here to view 9ct Gold Earrings set with Blue Topaz Handmade by Ortak, £199.

If you get the opportunity to make a considered purchase for yourself, you should make the most of it – buy something original, and personal to you. The great thing about jewellery is that you can experiment with unusual colours and styles which appeal to your sense of style, but which won’t drown out an outfit or scream ‘statement’ across the office.

This enamel necklace, for example, is a great example of contemporary Scottish jewellery design which will subtly set you apart from the crowd for all the right reasons.

It would look equally sophisticated against a slinky evening dress, or a denim shirt at the weekend.


 Click here to view this Sterling Silver and blue Enamel ‘Zephyr’ Necklet by Ortak, £199.

When buying a significant piece of jewellery, many of us like to imagine one day handing down our treasured items to daughters and nieces.

If you want to avoid your personal favourite becoming a dusty knick-knack in the future, choose a heritage piece which says something about your family’s roots.

 Click here to view this Amethyst and Sterling Silver Kiltpin by Ortak, £209.

This kilt pin is a great example of Scottish tradition, presented in a beautiful style which could be worn as intended, or as a classic brooch.

The thistle design and generous amethyst settling lend it a luxurious and feminine air, but this piece is a true classic sure to be treasured for generations.


So, if you had £250 to spare, what would you spend it on? Let us know in the comments.


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