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Five Ways to Dress up your Little Black Dress

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Audrey Hepburn Meme Jewellery of Scotland

Ah, the good old LBD. Easy to wear, universally flattering… but potentially boring!

With a good mix of accessories and styling, a good black frock can prove a reliable friend for every occasion, from formal business meetings to New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Here are our 5 suggestions for ways to dress up your little black dress for the coming season:

1. A special scarf

Black is often considered slimming and easy to style – but it can be a draining colour to wear. Add a splash of colour to liven up your outfit, bring out your skin tone or eye colour, and express your own sense of style. 

Choose something in a deep jewel shade for a rich accent which will add a hint of luxury to your LBD.

We love this hand-loomed, pure silk scarf in rich shades of purple and blue, distributed from Edinburgh.

Etsy Silk Scarf

Click to view this Handloom Silk Scarf from Pappumama’s Etsy Shop, £28.

Check out our passionate about purple pinterest board:

2.  Glamorous Gloves

There’s something sad about getting all glammed up for a night out, and then covering up the effect with a practical coat and cheap knitted accessories. So – don’t do it!  Treat yourself to some classy pieces to help you welcome in the winter season, without detracting from your outfit.

The easiest way to make a big difference to the impact of your outerwear, is a classic pair of leather gloves. There’s something pleasing about their old-fashioned style, and they’re surprisingly warm and comfortable too.

We love Marks & Spencer’s offering, because they’re available in a wide range of colours and sure to last for years:

Marks and Spencers Pink Leather Gloves. 

Click to view M&S Leather Stitch Detail Gloves, £18.

3. A Beautiful Brooch

Why do we associate brooches with the lapels of old-fashioned coats? There are so many ways to wear modern pins, and they look particularly brilliant when worn against a classic dress.

Some dresses suit a brooch better than others, so if you are tempted to try this look out, bear in mind our brooch wearing tips:

A sturdy fabric will ensure your dress doesn’t sag under the weight of your jewellery

Woven and close knit fabrics tend to work better than stretch fabrics or jersey

Boat neck and wrap dresses tend to suit brooch wearing best

A brooch positioned higher on a well cut dress can draw the eye away from areas you aren’t comfortable about showing off

If your dress is made from silk, velvet, or any other particularly delicate fabric, try your pin on the inside of a hem to check it won’t leave a noticeable hole.

We love this poppy brooch by Orkney based jewellery designers Ortak – the deep red will look great against a black dress; the flower shape is feminine, yet strong enough to make a real statement.

Enamel & Sterling Silver Poppy Brooch Jewellery of Scotland. 

Click to view this Sterling Silver and Enamel Poppy Brooch, £79.

Check out our riot of red pinterest board:

4. Luscious Legs

No matter how hardy you are, bare legs aren’t a great look with a little black dress. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to dress up your legs.

Comfy leggings can lend a funky, casual touch to an otherwise stuffy black number. But when you’re dressing to impress, it’s time to dig out your favourite pair of tights. And we don’t mean the saggy, wrinkling pair you save for walking the dog!

Tights can not only bring colour and interest to your outfit, but also smooth the line of the legs. Whether you’ve lovely long limbs to show off, or pleasing feminine curves, everyone looks awesome in a great pair of tights.

This winter, why not treat yourself to something a bit different to jazz up your LBD? Avoid fishnets and novelty colours if you want to keep the focus on your frock – but there are plenty of interesting options to choose from.

We love this pair from Wolford, because the subtle grey colour will set off your black dress, and the dots add a touch of interest without being too distracting. Yes, they’re not cheap – but they are great quality, so will keep you warm and should last through plenty of launderings.

Click here to view Alin tights by Wolford, £31. 

Also, you need to check out the Dress Like a Parisian A-Z guide on how to choose your tights.

5.  Elegant Armwear

Overly fussy jewellery can look out of place when paired with a simple LBD, so think ‘elegant’ rather than extravagant. 

A good bangle should be a key piece in your jewellery box for those occasions when you really want to make a great impression. Delicately resting against the hand, a bangle makes a particularly romantic statement on a special night out.

White Gold and Diamond Bangle Jewellery of Scotland

For the ultimate luxury accessory, we adore this white gold bangle, set with a real diamond. The style is understated, but pleasing in its shape and form. The stone setting draws attention to the beauty of this most precious of gems, whilst the closure makes this a very wearable piece of jewellery. This bangle is truly a piece to be treasured for years to come.


Click to view this 9ct White Gold and Diamond Bangle by Ortak, £845 on the Jewellery of Scotland Store.


What’s your favourite way to wear a little black dress?


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