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Handmade Earrings: Our Guide to Scottish Jewellery's Finest Handmade Earrings

Posted by Naomi Jones on

Here at Jewellery of Scotland, we love to celebrate the wide variety of Scottish design. The creativity which pours out of our country, inspires artists and jewellery-lovers around the world.

This seems to be particularly true when it comes to earrings. Often the smallest jewellery items, earrings are a fun way to experiment with different styles. A collection of different earrings allows you to tailor your own look each day!

Read on as we take a tour through the different styles of earring produced in Scotland - super handy with Christmas on the way!

Heritage Earrings

If you like to celebrate your Scottish roots, there are plenty of earrings to choose from which feature traditional emblems or nature themes:

Amethyst Thistles

No one knows how the humble thistle became Scotland's national flower, but it definitely makes for a striking and original piece of jewellery. We love how the amethysts used in these earrings emphasise the beautiful colour of this traditional emblem:

Click here for Amethyst and Sterling Silver Thistle Earrings by Ortak £47, or click here for the same piece in 9ct Yellow Gold, £168.

Deer Antler Earrings

This fun pair would be great for a party, or when you're feeling a bit 'Monarch of the Glen'!

Click here for Deer Antler Earrings via Made by Dusty Miller on Etsy £4

Contemporary Earrings

From the traditional to the bang-up-to-date, Scottish jewellery designers are developing a reputation for innovative modern design.  These contemporary styles can look particularly striking against a simple outfit, and are great for the office too.

Silver and Anodised aluminium

The anodised finish on these earrings gives them an unusual but pleasing colour combination:
Click here for Designer Silver and Anodised Aluminium Earrings 2 by Helen Swan £45

Blue Topaz Geometric Earrings

These unique earrings have a wonderful aesthetic: the concentric circular pattern emphasises their organic form, but the blue topaz turns them into something really special.

A Gift for a Daughter or Niece

Earrings make a lovely gift for a teenage daughter or special niece - they are very wearable, and teens will love having something new to add their collection of accessories!

Sweetheart Earrings

The charming design of these simple earrings is sure to appeal to any young woman. And they're made from sterling silver, so shouldn't irritate any newly pierced ears!


Funky Fox Earrings

Who could resist these fun little foxes, handmade in Edinburgh? These earrings are ideal for younger relatives, although adults might find their super-cute faces hard to resist too.

Click here for Fox Earrings by a Couple of Smiles via Etsy £5


Earrings worth dropping hints about

Earrings can be a fun and affordable way to brighten up an outfit - or a luxurious accessory for a truly glamorous night out. If you're looking for a piece of jewellery to drop some piano-sized hints about as Christmas approaches, look no further...

Diamond Elegance

Diamonds make us a feel a million dollars - but they don't have to cost millions! You can find beautiful, top quality accessories right here in Scotland. These gorgeous drop earrings are made entirely from 9 carat gold, and each features a genuine diamond. This pair would be the sparkling feature of your jewellery box for a lifetime.

 Diamond and 9ct Yellow Gold Drop Earrings by Ortak £550

What type of earring features most prominently in your jewellery box? Tell us in the comments below!


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