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How Your Star Sign Influences Your Fashion and Jewellery Choices

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It has been said that a good astrologer can tell a person’s star sign by the clothing and jewellery they wear.

Some signs are known for their energy, others for their warmth and still others for their unique ability to stand out from the crowd.

Find out what your star sign reveals about your style. You may also feel inspired to incorporate some new pieces into your wardrobe to align with your sign.

Aries - The Ram

Sterling Silver & Red Enamel Poppy Pendant, a vivid piece by Ortak Jewellery.Aries are energetic, adventurous, creative, and courageous souls.

The colour most Aries are drawn to seems to be red because it perfectly reflects their bold character traits.

Adding a red necktie, poppy brooch, shoes, or a handbag can take a drab ensemble and raise it up to Aries’ standards.

Click here to view this Sterling Silver & Enamel Poppy Pendant by Ortak Jewellery, £89.


Taurus - The Bull

Harris Tweed Cufflinks Ruth MorrisonThose born under the sign of Taurus are patient, loyal, reliable, and loving.

Taurus is also an earth sign and those folks love luxury.

You will find these people reaching for fashion items that are meant to stand the test of time.

The latest trends aren’t too appealing to Taurus. When it comes to Taurus, quality and luxury are at the top of their list.

Click to view these Ruth Morrison Sterling Silver and Harris Tweed Cufflinks on Ruth Morrison's Etsy.

About R A morisson's Etsy:
Ruth Morrison is a Scottish Jewellery Designer that takes her Inspiration from her original home of the Western-Isles.


Gemini - The Twins

Click to view the Mechilina studios Etsy for items like this warm Orange Merino Wool Scarf.

Geminis are adaptable, witty, and dynamic. They love fresh and youthful fashion.

Adding a splash of liveliness with colourful and trendy accessories is a something they do often.

They are thought of as chic and stylish individuals who have their finger on the pulse of fashion.

Brightly coloured gemstones, rich warm hues, unique fabrics and patterns are well-loved by Geminis. 

About Johanna Mechelina: Based in Glasgow, Johanna loves sewing, pattern cutting and design, textile printing and dyeing/eco-printing with natural dyes.  She draws her inspiration from everywhere; nature, culture, cities.

Cancer - The Crab

Antique Ruby Gold RingThose born under the sign of Cancer are creative, loving, and protective.

Cancer’s fashion is all about comfort, classic design, and soft hues.

If you were to look in a Cancer’s closet or jewellery box you will likely see cool colours, pastels, and unique artisan pieces. Pearls and diamonds are favourite gemstones of Cancer.

Click to view this Victorian Ruby Diamond & Pearl Cluster Ring 18ct Gold in Alistir Wood Tait's Edinburgh based Etsy. 

About Alistir Wood Tait:
Alistir Wood Tait has been in the jewellery business for over thirty years in Edinburgh. He is a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG). 

Leo - The Lion


Leos are confident, faithful and enthusiastic which is definitely reflected in their fashion.

In their collection, you’ll find pieces that are luxurious and beautiful.

They aren’t afraid to be bold, to add colour, and to stand out in a crowd.

They love life and they love to look and feel fabulous at all times. Fine fabrics, radiant gemstones, and lavish accessories are some of their favourite things.

Click to view this Orange & Yellow Enamel Sterling Silver Bracelet on the Jewellery of Scotland online store, £274.


Virgo - The Virgin

Cashmere Arran Cable Poncho
Click to view this ladies 100% Cashmere Arran Cable Poncho by 
LoveCashmereScotland on Etsy.

Virgos are thoughtful, reflective and modest. They aren’t concerned with the latest trends or wearing bold colours or prints.

Virgos tend to lean toward the conservative side of fashion.

Those born under this star sign are meticulous and they pay close attention to details. Superior quality and comfort are what Virgos are into.

About Love Cashmere Scotland: 
Love Cashmere is a designer Cashmere knitwear collection made in Scotland.
The collection is manufactured in their factory in Hawick, in the Borders region of Scotland - and has been designed by their in-house designer. They have over 25 years of experience in the cashmere knitwear manufacturing industry. 


Libra - The Scales

Libras are romantic, charming, and outgoing and that is definitely reflected in their style.

They don’t go for over the top fashion and though they are not exactly minimalists; they definitely don’t want to wear anything that might be considered too flashy.

They are drawn to pieces that classic and elegant.

Understated excellence and elegance fill the closets and jewellery boxes of the Libra.

Click to view this Diamond and 9ct Yellow Gold Pendant at the Jewellery of Scotland Store. 




Scorpio - The Scorpion


Click to view the Gold Rose Cocktail Sterling Silver Ring By Misluo on Etsy

Scorpios are dynamic, magnetic and passionate. They know what they like and the go after what they want.

They are trendsetters in the fashion world.

Scorpios love high-quality accessories such as luxury timepieces, sunglasses, and scarves.

Everyone wants to know what Scorpio will wear next and they inspire people with their fashion choices.

About Misluo Jewellery: Yanxia boasts degrees in Law and Commerce but she had a feeling that something else was waiting for her. Her love of jewellery-making grew in 2008 and in 2010 the Misluo brand was born as her creative outlet in Australia.

She left Australia in 2011 ultimately settling down in the UK. Currently all her jewellery is made from scratch at her home studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sagittarius - The Archer

The Sagittarius is so much fun to be around.

They are optimistic, have a great sense of humour, and are honest.

They love life and they love fashion. You can find those born under the star sign of Sagittarius wearing beautiful vibrant colours.

They seek out and wear gemstones like blue topaz, amethyst, emeralds and rubies.

 A selection of our colourful range of Ortak Enamel Jewellery. Click here to browse at will!  


Capricorn - The Mountain Sea-Goat

Capricorns are ambitious, patient, careful, and have a very good sense of humour.

Excellence and elegance are of the utmost importance to these fine individuals.

They can be seen wearing superior quality brands.

Trends and glitz are not for Capricorns, they prefer classic style, exquisite details, and expert craftsmanship.

Grey suits, sapphire accents, and fine timepieces are favourite fashion pieces for Capricorns.

Harris Tweed Herringbone Bow Tie and Cufflinks by The Crimson Coo on Etsy £27

About The Crimson Coo:
Michelle Stewart is the creative brains behind the Edinburgh based Crimson Coo. Textile creation is one of her passions and she spends as much time behind a sewing machine as at her other jobs; a mother of two teenagers and a part time plant nursery worker! Her mum taught her to sew on their old singer sewing machine back in the 60s - they used to run up quirky clothes and home furnishings. 


Aquarius - The Water-Bearer

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are honest, loyal, inventive, and unique. 

They don’t follow the latest fashion trends; instead preferring to decide within themselves what they find fashionable.

They care very little what other people think and instead follow their own authentic sense of style.

Having things custom designed is very appealing to Aquarius. If you are looking for fashion inspiration, look to Aquarius. 

Mountain High, Valley Low Segment Cuff - Etsy £140 by Melanie Muir from Nairn, Scotland.

About Melanie Muir:
Melanie Muir is an internationally award winning polymer jewellery artist and teacher based in the Scottish Highlands. She offers a range of products on her website and regularly exhibits at international fairs. Awesome work Melanie!


Pisces - The Fish

Pisces are imaginative, kind, compassionate, emotional, and understated.

Their fashion sense precisely reflects their personality.

They often choose items that are sentimental and they tend to remain loyal to their favourite designers and artisans.

If you look in the closet of a Pisces you are likely to see a lot of green, blue, grey and teal.


Unique Spiritual Yoga Charm Bracelet Handmade with Om symbol by Kaledo from Glasgow, on Etsy.

About Kaledo: Kathyrn Maule is the artisan behind Kaledo. She started off with an Engineering degree, but luckily for us she finally listened to her heart and followed her passion to happy ever after!

She spends most of her days in her workshop creating jewellery. She is mainly self taught but has also taken courses in silversmithing. Her favourite materials to work with are copper, silver and gemstones.

So what do you think? Does what your star sign says about you correctly reflect your personal style? Let us know in the comments below or on our facebook page!
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