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Scottish Arts and Crafts: Events to Attend

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The legendary handmade Harris tweed label.


Scotland has long enjoyed a rich history of arts and crafts which continues to inform the culture of our nation to this day. 

From silverwork to textiles, Scottish artists have been leaders in the arts and crafts world for centuries.

Much of Scotland’s rich crafting history arose from the simple necessities of life in the time before industrialization.  These traditions still stand today, although they may no longer fill the same need as they did for our ancestors, they bring joy and delight to the world.   

What is craft?

Much of Scotland's modern craft arises from what's called "heritage craft".  This term simply describes skills that our ancestors needed to make the materials necessary for everyday life. 

In the past when most people lived in rural regions, making your own things was not a niche area as it is today, but a common practice amongst all people.  The making of boats, baskets, and even Harris Tweed are all considered heritage crafts because they met an everyday need of our ancestors and the skills involved in creating these items were passed along from generation to generation. 

Contemporary crafters utilize these skills to make beautiful, practical pieces that pay homage to our rich history. 


A 1903 picture of a boat built by the famous Fife family


Read on for some wonderful arts and crafts events you’ll want to attend.


The Great Tapestry of Scotland at IMAG

 Photo Credit: Great Tapestry of Scotland Visits Paisley by Paisley, Scotland

A selection of panels from the largest collaborative community arts project every undertaken, The Great Tapestry of Scotland, will be on display at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery until February 20th

The idea for the tapestry was created by Scottish writers Alexander Mcall Smith and Alistair Moffat along with artist Andrew Crummy.  The project was meant to bind communities together using volunteer stitchers to illustrate Scotland’s political, industrial, and cultural history.

Get more info and tickets HERE

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

The Yarn Festival's Colorful Logo

This "celebration of all things yarn and knitting" will include over 100 fantastic vendors as well as workshops and exhibits.  Beautiful independent sellers will showcase their yarn, felt, and other fibres to the public on the 18th and 19th of March.  

The event will also feature classes running from the 17th-19th.  They had to add an extra day due to the show's incredible popularity!

More info and tickets HERE


West Kilbride, Craft Town Scotland


The beautiful shores of West Kilbride by Rory 

For those with a serious interest in crafting, you simply must visit West Kilbride.  An historical holiday destination, this beautiful coastal town has undergone a major resurgence in the past couple of decades.  It is officially designated a Scottish Craft and Design Town, the only one of its kind, and was reborn on the brink of economic disaster. 

Here you can visit the Barony Centre and see some lovely craft exhibitions, a shop, and a bakery.  You can also visit one of the town’s eight craft studios, each dedicated to an artist who designs, creates, and sells their work on the premise.

More info on this incredible town HERE  


 The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, by eltpics 

From the 3rd to the 6th of March, when the weather starts to warm up a bit (hopefully), the Hobby Crafts event serves as the perfect spring kickoff. 

Held at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow, Hobbycrafts  will feature workshops on papercraft making, jewellery, beading, and more.  You can also peruse their craft supply shop and see demonstrations from the masters! 

More info and tickets HERE

Keep up with the latest crafting news at Jewellery of Scotland!


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