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My Scotland - Emma Gray of Emma's Travel Tales

Posted by James King on

Emma Gray is a Scottish travel writer and founder of the Emma's Travel Tales blog which offers an exciting glimpse into her adventures in nearly forty countries (and counting!).

Emma's love of discovering new places seems to have in no way diminished her attachment to her country of birth, so we decided to find out more about her thoughts on Scottish places and people, as well as what she misses most when she's away (hint, it's fizzy).


My favourite place in Scotland is...

This is such a tough question as I have so many different favourite places dotted throughout Scotland. The Isle of Skye is magical and feels like a world away from everywhere else, but I hold a special place in my heart for the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. I'm lucky enough to live just thirty minutes from Loch Lomond so I visit often and have had some incredible adventures there. The picturesque landscapes always get under my skin and make me so glad to be from such a wonderful country.

Scottish people are...

So wonderfully friendly and incredibly patriotic! We're always willing to help someone in need and love chatting to new people and learning their stories. Visitors to Scotland will find that locals will speak openly with them about their country and their favourite parts of being Scottish and living in Scotland. We love our country so much that we always want to share that passion with others.

A Scottish adventure involves...

Whatever you want it to involve! Scotland is such a diverse small country and an adventure could be anything from white water rafting in the highlands, to attending Glasgow's West End Festival carnival style parade. I like to think Scotland has a little bit of everything that appeals to so many different people.

Scotland gets under my skin because...

It is so undeniably beautiful. Despite having lived in Scotland my whole life I still find my breath taken by Scotland's landscapes and scenery on a fairly regular basis. It's something I know I will never get used to and I certainly never want to take for granted.

When I'm away from Scotland I miss...

Irn-Bru! I'm not a whiskey drinker so I indulge in Scotland's other national drink, Irn-Bru. It's a bright orange fizzy drink that's sinfully sweet and like nothing else I've ever tasted elsewhere. Whenever I come back to Scotland from my travels it's one of the first things I seek out.

Something that you didn't know about living in Scotland is...

There's something for everyone here. There are big, bustling cities; small towns with plenty going on; picturesque little villages and remote spots where you won't see another soul for days. There is occasional sunshine, plenty of wind and rain, beautiful winter snow and everything in between. We have festivals, incredible nightlife, cosy pubs, intriguing and often-scandalous history, gorgeous architecture, word-class museums and a great restaurant scene. Whatever you're looking for we most likely have it here!

Big thanks to Emma for taking the time to tell us about her relationship with Scotland. To find out more about Emma's work, check out her digital media company Making Media Simple. You can follow her adventures around the world by visiting Emma's Travel Tales and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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