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About Jewellery of Scotland

Who are we?

Jewellery of Scotland is based between Edinburgh and Thurso (a small town on the north coast of Scotland). Formed in August 2015, we felt that Scotland has a huge amount to offer the jewellery world, and we wanted to be the number 1 place where people come to learn about Scottish jewellery.

Whether that is via our facebook, where we have over 1000 fans, or via our blog, we want you to be able to learn about what Scotland has to offer the world, and be able to find the jewellery that is important to you and your loved ones.

This will also have positive effects for the independent and small jewellery designers and artisans in Scotland, allowing them to continue their beautiful work as the representatives of Scottish fashion.

Happy St. Andrews day everybody!

Posted by Jewellery of Scotland on Monday, November 30, 2015
An example of one of our facebook posts that received loads of likes and shares! #proud

Where do we source our jewellery?

Our current collaboration is with Ortak, the Orkney jewellery artisans. Our town wasn’t far from Orkney (as far as distances in the North of Scotland go) so we went on school trips to Kirkwall and Orkney from time to time.

We still remember the displays in the Ortak shop - being mesmerised by their beautiful classic jewellery design, as well as pieces by contemporary jewellery designers. Their celtic jewellery is a mix between quirky jewellery with elements of tribal jewellery, and they have an incredible reputation for handmade jewellery in the UK. When we went to University, we started developing our own feeling for what we liked and what we didn’t like - we felt we needed to create a place where we could showcase beautiful Scottish jewellery designers at their finest.

As we thought up the idea for this website, our first port of call had to be Ortak. They have such a fantastic reputation for quality and handmade jewellery. As we develop, we hope to expand the range of Scottish Jewellery makers that we work with.


Your jewellery is beautiful but how do we know it is authentic?

When you receive your jewellery, it comes in the manufacturers branded packaging. We source the jewellery we want to advertise through visits to the workshops, then once you make an order with us, we collaborate with the official branded manufacturer to fill that order direct from the workshop for you! You can trust that we only work with the most trustworthy of brands in Scotland, for example the well known Ortak of Orkney.

We also have great feedback about our services so far - click here to check out our trustpilot account for more information

Where are we based?

We currently base our work from Edinburgh, our family homes in the North of Scotland and the odd trip to buy jewellery (for personal use!) in Ortak. 

What next?

Browse our shop and send us an email to tell us what you think via our contact page! We always welcome feedback about your experience and also your favourite jewellery pieces!